The Power of Positive Thinking

How to be happy

In this video Kadam Morten Clausen teaches us how to create a foundation of happiness within our own lives, which is essential in establishing more profound levels of lasting inner peace.

[23 mins]

Imagine a world without anger

“Imagine what a world would be like like if we conquered our anger! The danger of war would evaporate, armies would become unnecessary, and soldiers would have to look elsewhere for work. Machine guns, tanks, and nuclear weapons – instruments useful only to the angry mind – could be put away, as all conflicts, from wars between nations to quarrels between individuals, came to an end.

Even if this universal peace and harmony seems too much to hope for, imagine the freedom and peace of mind each of us individually would enjoy if we managed to free ourselves completely from the distorted and destructive mind of anger.”

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
How to Solve Our Human Problems (pp. 27-28)

Join us at a local meditation class

Join us at a local meditation class

Positive Thinking & Meditation

Local meditation classes

4 weeks starting 7th October 2019

We often think in ways that make us depressed and worried and that keep us stuck in unhealthy habits.

By simply changing our mind, learning to think in more beneficial and constructive ways, we can find real happiness, have a positive influence on others and achieve even the highest spiritual goals.

Everyone welcome, suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.
£8 per class; £15 for a 3-week course card