Surviving Tough Times by Building Resilience
with Kadam Ai Peng McBretney
with Kadam Ai Peng McBretney
Sat 23 Jan | 10am to 1pm

Learn powerful methods to transform life’s difficulties and deal with any situation, no matter how bad, wisely and courageously.


Live streamed meditation course

with Resident Teacher, Kadam Ai Peng McBretney

Saturday 23rd January – 10am to 1pm

Everyday we encounter hundreds of situations we do not like, from stubbing our toe to discovering that we have cancer. This is an opportunity to learn to develop our inner strength and resilience through meditation, and learn powerful methods to transform life’s difficulties and deal with any situation, no matter how bad, wisely and courageously.

Taught by an experienced meditation teacher

Kadam Ai Peng McBretney, the Resident Teacher of Duldzin Dragpa Centre, has studied and practised Kadampa Buddhism for many years under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Through her experience of putting Buddha’s advice into practice, she presents the teachings in a clear and practical way that inspires us to develop inner peace, happiness and wisdom.

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Session 1 – 10am – 11.15am
Break – 11.15am – 11.45am
Session 2 – 11.45am – 1pm

£16 per person
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How to access this session online

The online classes will be streamed live using Zoom. For the best experience we suggest you use a PCMac, or tablet, but smartphones are also supported.

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How to access this session in-person

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Benefits of Meditation

These classes will help you to unwind at home, feeling relaxed and refreshed. They will provide you with new tools for dealing with stress, anxiety and problems. Meditation also helps you to overcome negative states of mind such as anger and jealousy, and to cultivate positive minds such as patience and love.

The talks and guided meditations will provide you with the foundation for developing a powerful meditation practice. A regular meditation practice has many benefits:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Brings inner calm and a feeling of well-being
  • Gives clarity to solve our problems
  • Helps us deal with challenging people and situations