with Gen-la Kelsang Thubten
    May 25th-May 30th

Clarity and Profundity
Empowerment and commentary to the self-generation
practice of Buddha Prajnaparamita

with Gen-la Kelsang Thubten

Buddha’s teachings in the Heart Sutra show how we can solve our daily problems and find inner peace and happiness through training in ultimate truth, emptiness. Gen-la Thubten will show how, by integrating the essential teachings of the Heart Sutra into Tantric practice, we can ripen our Buddha nature and attain complete enlightenment.

Gen-la Kelsang Thubten teaches the Special Teacher Training Programme at Manjushri KMC. He is renowned for his ability to present the many deep meanings contained within Venerable Geshe-la’s books and to show how to integrate them into daily life.

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Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre,
United Kingdom


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