Weekly Meditation Class

Mondays | 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Learn practical techniques and follow guided meditations to help you remain peaceful and happy in these weekly classes. Everyone is welcome.

Class Dates

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The classes are organised as short courses, usually 3 to 5 weeks long. You can attend the whole course or simply drop in whenever you wish as each class is self-contained.

We meditate sitting on chairs to ensure that everyone is comfortable and there is no physical exercise involved.

The general structure of the class is:

  • Guided meditation on how to develop inner peace
  • Teaching on how to solve daily problems and keep a happy mind
  • Another meditation or questions & answers

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Address: St Peter’s Church, Eastbourne Grove, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 0QF

Course Titles

The Key to Good Relationships

Our relationships are important to us, however they can also be a source of much pain, worry and even conflict. Many of our relationship difficulties arise from our unrealistic expectations of others. As a result we can so often feel let down and disappointed and even resentful.

In these classes we will look at ways we can create healthy and harmonious relationships in all areas of our life. By learning to develop a balanced and loving mind towards others, we will find within our own mind a source of inexhaustible peace and joy that nobody can take away from us – no matter how they behave.

Letting Go, Finding Peace

All too often we can become overwhelmed by our feelings, especially if it’s anger in any of its forms… jealousy, resentment, frustration. We can feel stuck, as if controlled by these feelings, left unable to deal with our challenges. We feel lost. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we begin to understand how our mind works and functions in daily life we will see that we are able to reverse this situation and we can actually be in control of our feelings. With Buddha’s teachings and the practice of meditation we will find ourselves ready and able to deal with any situation with a calm and peaceful mind.

Upcoming Events


16 Jan

Uplift Your Day Tools for a Positive Mindset

Weekly Meditation Classes

Learn how to let go of repetitive and unhelpful thoughts, helping us to feel calmer as we navigate our busy, modern world.

Various Locations | £5-8



How to Stop Overthinking

Half-Day Course

Learn how to let go of repetitive and unhelpful thoughts, helping us to feel calmer as we navigate our busy, modern world.

Epping, Essex | £20



Tranquility of the Mind Retreat

Meditation Retreat

This meditation retreat is an opportunity to escape the noise and complexity of modern life and deepen your experience of tranquility from within your own mind.

Epping, Essex | £20

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