Duldzin Dragpa Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Half-Day Course

How to Manage Anxiety & Stress

Sat 2 Sep
| 10am - 1.15pm
Epping, Essex
Are you tired of living on the edge, constantly burdened by anxiety and stress? It’s time to break free from this cycle and discover genuine peace of mind.

Do you find yourself worrying about things you can’t control, feeling burnt out and exhausted? It’s time to break free from this cycle and discover genuine peace of mind.

Join us for the transformative half-day course, “How to Manage Anxiety & Stress,” where we will delve into the profound teachings of Buddhism. Learn powerful techniques to release the grip of anxiety and stress, allowing you to relax and let go.

In this event, we will unravel the root causes of your anxiety and stress, empowering you to confront and overcome them. Through practice, you will acquire the tools needed to let go of negative thoughts that weigh you down. Experience a newfound sense of resilience as you learn to accept the things you cannot control, finding peace in every moment of your life.

Our Resident Teacher, Kadam Ai Peng McBretney, will guide you through practical meditations that can be easily practiced at home, providing you with a sanctuary of tranquility amidst life’s chaos. Embrace the teachings of Buddhism, offering timeless wisdom to help you navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Don’t let anxiety and stress dictate your life any longer. Take control and reclaim your peace of mind. Join us for “How to Manage Anxiety & Stress” and embark on a transformative journey towards inner serenity. Reserve your spot now and step into a future free from the shackles of anxiety and stress.

You will learn how to:

Led by Kadam Ai Peng McBretney, our Resident Teacher. Includes teachings and guided meditation, with time for Q&A.

Everyone welcome!

Event Schedule

Teacher - Kadam Ai Peng McBretney

Kadam Ai Peng McBretney, the Resident Teacher of Duldzin Dragpa Centre, has studied and practised Kadampa Buddhism for many years under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Through her experience of putting Buddha’s advice into practice, she presents the teachings in a clear and practical way that inspires us to develop inner peace, happiness and wisdom.

Date & Time

Sat 2 Sep,
10am – 1.15pm

Course Level

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience of meditation.​

Venue & Parking

Duldzin Dragpa Kadampa Buddhist Centre 5a Buttercross Lane, Epping, CM16 5AA No Parking Available (contact us for limited disabled parking)

Course Fee

Book in advance as spaces are limited.

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Standard Ticket
£25 per person

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