Duldzin Dragpa Kadampa Buddhist Centre


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Upcoming Events

Meditation Classes

Beating The Winter Blues - Overcoming Anxiety & Depression - Weekly Classes throughout Essex

From 26 Feb


Find your way out of these painful states of mind and begin to live a life free from suffering.

Meditation Retreat

The Power of Compassion

Sat 9 Mar

10am - 1.15pm

Experience the healing mind of compassion on this morning of guided meditations. Through compassion we learn to see others in a new way, helping us to connect to everyone we meet and think about.

Half-Day Course

Dealing with Difficult People

Sat 16 Mar

10am - 1.15pm

We sometimes find others difficult to live or work with; our priorities differ, our opinions clash and we feel unable to fulfil our wishes. Learn how to transform relationships simply by changing our view of others and relating to them differently.